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In California, motorists must keep their vehicle’s exhaust system in satisfactory condition. Air pollution is everyone’s responsibility and to keep the air free from harmful toxins, vehicle emissions must meet a standard. It may not be too difficult to find an inspection or smog check station, but if your vehicle does not pass, the search for a repair shop might be time-consuming. No need to surf the net for a facility to correct your failed smog check. Lomita Auto Service in Lomita, CA is your one-stop shop to handle both smog checks and exhaust repairs. Whatever the results of your smog check, you’ll be driving away with “flying colors.” The goal is to make sure your vehicle is road-ready and registration-ready. Let’s cut out the “middle- man” providing quality smog check services, as well as an necessary repairs. Our shop operates just like a well-oiled engine, everyone in sync and efficient. That means you’ll be in and out in no time.

Smog Checks For All Makes & Models

The first line of defense for your vehicle’s emissions is You and your fellow passengers. Keep your family protected from harmful toxins with a timely smog check. The smog check inspection does not have to wait until it’s mandatory. Smog checks may be needed sooner than expected, especially if you are driving an older model vehicle. Make sure your vehicle is safe for the road with a quick smog check appointment. No matter what the results, you’ll be in tip top shape by the time you leave us. Lomita Auto Service wants to make life a little easier for everybody. You and your family will be protected from pollutants; so will other drivers, as well as the environment. Bring your vehicle to our repair shop for help make Lomita, CA a better place to breathe! Our exhaust system repair specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to test, inspect, and repair any problems. Make us your first option for a smog check, because we can prevent all the time wasted searching for an exhaust system repair expert.

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Is it already time for another smog check? Many drivers don’t think about their vehicle’s emissions until vehicle inspection time comes around. Your vehicle may be just fine, but there’s no way of knowing without a proper smog check. Lomita Auto Service uses the industry’s most advanced smog check inspection equipment and the latest technologies and service techniques. Our customers continue to trust us with their smog checks because the end result is always a passing grade. And we perform all these services faster than you expect. Give us a call today at 424-263-5751 to schedule your smog check. YOu can save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now!